Quality Cognition aims at building a better working world  by providing quality consulting services through the analytical development of people, hence nurturing a better business profitability.

Our  purpose is to transform our clientele by partnering with those who share our belief in applying innovation, professional management and entrepreneurial energy to improve the life of people in India and all international locations. Our seven core values (Respect | Accountability | Customer First | Diversity | Quality | Cognitive Development | Excellence) reflect how we translate our purpose into action. We work as a win-win  partners to academia, public & private sector organizations for attracting, developing, retaining and leveraging people.

Keeping in mind the post Covid-19 impact on global eco system, business challenges and potential opportunities across the world and also in alignment with the emerging need  of the society, Quality Cognition (QC) was established in 2020 by collaborating and partnering with competent global professionals, mentors and partners across the world with diversified experiences .

QC with a unique team of research associates and leadership mentors with invaluable experience in various industries, possess the capability to provide sector-specific quality solutions based on digital technologies and cognitive solution to governments, corporates, law firms, startups, diversified sectors in manufacturing, finance, company secretarial, marine, education, retail, energy, construction, automobile, agriculture, FMCG, chemical, pharma, healthcare, IT consulting, and other service organizations.